Wave goodbye to single-use plastics

The Blue Planet and plastics debate has many people wanting to take positive action for the planet and marine life. As 12 million tonnes of plastic enters our oceans each year, now is the time to make change! One area where you can reduce the amount of single use plastics you buy is your lunch! The good news is there are now some great reusable products to help you do this. Here are our favourite reusables for when you are out and about. 

We may think we live a long way from the oceans but we don’t. What we actually do here... has a direct effect on the oceans and what the oceans do then reflects back on us.
We could actually do something about plastic right now.
— Sir David Attenborough

Water ‘bout this?

Every year in the UK we use approximately 13 billion plastic bottles, of which only 7.5 billion get recycled! Switching from disposable plastic bottles to a long-lasting reusable will save you money when you’re on the move. Be sure to get a bottle that's BPA free so you’re not drinking in any nasty chemicals. Not sure where to fill up? Check out this awesome refill app to find out where you can refill your water bottle for free throughout the UK.


Coffee to go, please

Did you know less than 1% of coffee cups we use in the UK get recycled? This daily treat is causing havoc for the planet and is a headache for recyclers - due to a tricky mix of plastic film inside of the cups they need a special recycling facility that isn't widely available. Watch our Hubbub Investigates vlog to hear more about this. The havoc doesn't stop here either - if cups with dregs of coffee end up in other recycling bins they could make the whole batch dirty meaning none of it can be recycled! This a latte to handle? Stay grounded and check out our top tips for switching to a reusable coffee cup today.


Sporks and straws

Used only for a few moments, your single use fork, knife or spoon can take over 200 years to decompose! Why not try a spork or if you’re feeling fancy how about a metal straw for enjoying drinks when you’re out? Check out these washable bamboo wonders and find the perfect straw for you here.


Beeswax wrap, bzzz…

Cling film is an unnecessary plastic in the home that often gets thrown away after use. There are more and more great alternatives made from natural materials that work just as well at keeping your food fresh. Why not give beeswax wraps a try? These colourful creations are made in the UK using all natural ingredients and are reusable and compostable too. Fancy making your own? It’s easier than you think with Lisa Cole’s step by step guide.


A tote-ally reusable bag

The environment bagged a winner when the plastic bag charge was introduced in England, as it led to an outstanding 85% decrease in use. Despite this, we can all remember a time when we simply forgot to bring our bag with us and this can cause a dilemma, as reusable bags are only better environmentally when we remember to use them. Why not treat yourself to a foldaway bag such as the Baggu bag, that scrunches up so small you’ll hardly notice it’s there….until you need it that is.

Got any recommendations?

I’ve pledged to myself to only ever buy take away coffee if I’ve got my reusable cup. If I don’t have it, I save the money. It’s a win-win!
— Louise, The Environment Agency Lunch Club