Food shopping doesn't have to be a series of mental checklists and post it notes. Get techy with a little bit of help from our favourite food waste apps. With £13 billion worth of food going to waste in the UK every year, get #FoodSavvy with the touch of a button.


Get involved in your community with this popular food sharing app. Have too much food on the go? Just pop it on Olio and someone from your local area will be happy to pick it up. Free, easy and full of community spirit.


Kitche It, Don’t Ditch It by uploading your shopping receipts and receiving automated reminders to help you bin food waste for good. Flummoxed by the random bits and bobs in your fridge? Kitche is also packed with smart recipes to help you use up every last bite.


Manage your pantry like a pro. CozZo creates a digital inventory of your kitchen cupboards, makes sure you know when food will go off, and creates shopping lists to streamline your supermarket trips. Never find a mouldy potato at the back of the fridge again.

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Sometimes we just don’t have time to make that midweek meal, which is where Too Good To Go and Karma come in. Connecting you to local businesses, these apps sell food at discounted prices, so it doesn't just get thrown away. Cheap, delicious and beneficial for everyone!


Make your food choices count. Simply scan the barcode on a product and Giki will tell you everything from additives to the company’s sustainability policy. It will give you info on animal welfare, carbon footprint and palm oil content, arming you with everything you need to make an informed choice.


This EatBy barcode scanner keeps track of the food you have in your kitchen and reminds you to eat it before it goes past its use by date. The sharing function makes it easy to share your shopping list or let your family know what’s for dinner.